Missions Minded with a Heart for Community Service

First Grade

This year, our first graders have had very special Pen Pals who live in the Grand Oaks Assisted Living Facility in Okeechobee. They have exchanged hand-written letters, pictures, crafts, and valentines.
Students in First Grade sing outside for the residents of Grand Oaks.
At Christmastime, the class went and sang carols outside the facility as a field trip. In previous years, the first graders have read books to the senior citizens of Grand Oaks. Both the children and seniors have enjoyed the interactions immensely.

Star Throwers


Spiritual Formation

Acts of Service



Star Throwers began in the 2017-2018 school year. We are a student-led organization that exists to create community and spiritual formation among the students of OCA. We also express the love of Christ to our community and world through acts of service, giving, and prayer. To date, we have been able to connect with, pray for, and bless others in need with over $8,000 through student donations given at our Chapel services. Here are some of the local and world organizations we have donated to and for whom our students continue to pray:

Kindness Week

During Kindness Week, students and staff participate in various activities. Each day has its own kindness theme with ways to bless others through monetary or item donations to local charities and missions, acts of kindness for our school, as well as kindness acts for local community heroes and first responders. The students enjoy giving in practical ways while dressing up in the daily theme.
Students in Fourth Grade donated food items for Big Lake Missions.
The Juniors and Seniors bless Officer Holroyd.